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    device does not function after upgrade to PSoC Creator v4.1


      I recently updated PSoC Creator to version 4.1. This included an update to GCC from 4.9.3 to 5.4.1.


      My project includes an OTA fixed-stack Bootloader, which I developed by following the Cypress app note (AN97060). I wanted to change the security setting on the bootloader. I made the change and recompiled using Creator v4.1 and the new GCC without errors. I then updated the version settings in mk.bat (to reference creator v4.1 and GCC 5.4.1). Then I went to the bootloadable component in my bootloadable app and changed the dependency paths to the new path for GCC_541. I then ran clean & build on my bootloadable, which also runs without errors. However, after my device is programmed it does not function at all. There is no debug serial output, no blinking LEDs, and no bluetooth advertisement.


      If I revert all of the changes described in the previous paragraph and rebuild everything, then my device works again as expected. Of course, I still don't have my modified security settings since the bootloadable component is now pointed at old bootloader build files.


      What's going on? Can how can I get this to work again? Workspace attached.