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    CY7C65634 hub can't be detected



      I'm making a part with the CY7C65634, and when I'm plugging it into any computer, it's not being detected. I'm not sure how to debug this.


      I'm using all the default options and the internal regulator. I tied SELFPWR to ground for self-powered bus, GANG to 5V for gang mode. I should have connected some pull-up to RESET, but even after I connected it to 5V the chip is still not showing up on my computer.cy7c65634_schematic.png


      Any help appreciated!

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          Please pull-up SELFPWR pin for slef powered Hubs.

          Please connect RREF of 649 Ohms with 1% tolerance.

          Please connect Power On Reset (POR) circuitry (RC ~10ms) to make sure that all the power supplies are stable before the Hub comes out of suspend.

          Please check whether the crystal is up and running.

          Please perform continuity tests on the upstream traces to make sure everything is properly connected.

          It is recommended to connect decoupling capacitors on the power pins to filter out the noise as in the reference schematics of HX2VL at:

          Search | Cypress Semiconductor

          It is recommended to connect pull-up resistors on OVR# pins though they are internally pulled-up to avoid unnecessary current sinking due to nearby EM radiations.

          Please go through the Hardware design guidelines of HX2VL for more information at: