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    Generate HEX file with GCC only



      Can I actually do a project for the PSoC4 without using PSoC creator at all?

      Meaning if I don't need the UDBs at all?

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          Richard, you will always need a development environment for programming. Since PSoCs are a bit more complex than "just a micro" why don't you want to use the (free!!) Creator IDE?

          When you are running Linux or a Mac OS there might be a chance to get Creator running using a virtual machine. Use the keyword search at top of this page to get informed. Or are there other reasons why you hesitate using Creator 4.1?



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            Hi Bob


            I already use the PSoC creator...just to get some insights into the build system...especially how initialization is done...


            Well at least I can program a HEX file generated from PSoC on Linux with the cypress_linux_tools...


            me@s900:~/cypress_linux_tools$ ihex2cyacd -i SCB_UartComm01-stellaris-psoc42xx.hex -o uart.cyacd -b 3816 -c CY8C42

            me@s900:~/cypress_linux_tools$ cyhostboot -p -f uart.cyacd

            Programing file uart.cyacd

            Start programing on serial /dev/ttyACM0, baudrate 115200

            Got silicon id 0x04c81193, rev 0x11

            Progress: array_id 0, row_num 30

            Progress: array_id 0, row_num 31

            Progress: array_id 0, row_num 32