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    S25FL512S Sector Map Error




      I believe I have found an error in the Serial Flash Discoverable Parameters for the S25FL512S.   The JEDEC Sector Map Parameter Dword-2 is reported by the device and specified by the datasheet is incorrect.


      The DWORD is 0x3FFFFFF4, which breaks down as follows:

      • Bits 0:3 = 0x4 = Erase Type 3 supported
      • Bits 4:7 = 0xF = Reserved
      • Bits 8:31 = 0x3FFFFF => (0x3FFFFF  + 1) * 256 = 0x40000000 = 1024 MB, which is larger than the entire device.  


      Am I interpreting this incorrectly, or is there an error here? 


      I can work around this by assuming a uniform erase size across the device, so I'm not stuck, but perhaps there needs to be a datasheet update.



      -Trevor Brophy


      p.s. Here is a snap shot of the datasheet for reference.