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    Does MB91520's MFS Pins Support SPI Configuration?

      Hello Guys


      I'm A Beginner Of Cypress's MCU And Writing Questions Here For Chip Selection Requirement.

      My Questions Is Some Term Seems Very Different From Other Semiconductor's Datasheet Like The Tern: "Multi-Function Serial Communication".

      I've Checked Pin Assignment And Description But Taking UART As The Example Find No Specific Mark TX0 / RX0 And Either SPI Case SCK / MISO / MOSI.

      As I Know I Can Set MFS As UART / I2C / CAN But I Don't See Which Can Be Configured As Serial Peripheral Interface In Datasheet Pinout.

      So I Need Your Help Bringing Me Into The Door To Find Out Which MFSs Can Be Set Up For SPI Use.

      Please See Following Datasheet:



      And I Have To Check Another Important Thing

      Is The Series Qualified For AEC-Q100 Automotive Grade?