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    FX3 Control End Point read/write failure



      I am having trouble to using CCyControlEndPoint read/write for C++ console application on host. The code actually from Cypress library document. The FX3 firmware is the UsbSpiDmaMode sample code.


      My issue is the ept->Write/Read function always return false. I also tried on Control Center C# code, it returns true.


      Anything I might have done wrong?


         CCyControlEndPoint *ept = USBDevice->ControlEndPt;

         bool bXferCompleted = false;


         //  Just for typing efficiency

         ept->Target = TGT_DEVICE;

         ept->ReqType = REQ_VENDOR;

         ept->ReqCode = 0x07;

         ept->Value = 1;

         ept->Index = 0;


         unsigned char  buf[512];

         ZeroMemory(buf, 512);

         LONG bytesToSend = 128;


         bXferCompleted = ept->Write(buf, bytesToSend);