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    PSoC 5LP write flash at wide temperature span



      I use the Em_EEPROM component with API function Em_EEPROM_Write() in order to store data to predefined internal flash addresses. I came accross some documentation (PSoC 1, http://www.cypress.com/file/67421/download ) and this forum material (https://community.cypress.com/thread/22343?q=flash%20temperature ) that indicate that:

      - Temperature span of 50degC is considered "constant" and as such safe for the flash write operation

      - Exceeding temperature span requires calls to CySetTemp() before writing flash by CyWriteRowData().


      Is something similar needed for PSoC 5LP and if using Em_EEPROM_Write()? Or does some kind of internal circuitry change the flash erase and write pulse durations to be optimal at full temperature range?