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    BCM94343WWCD1 concurrent operation

      Hi, All


      I'm testing concurrent operation(SoftAp + station) with BCM94343WWCD1 EVB,

      however it doesn't seem to work correctly.


      Does BCM94343WWCD1 support (AP+station or any other combination like AP+GO) concurrent operation?


      If it doesn't, is there any schedule for the feature?




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          This is answer my own question.


          I found same question and got to know that 4343w do not support AP/station concurrent.

          But there's no info whether the other options of concurrent like P2P/Station is supported.


          so I did a simple test bia wiced SDK (5.0)


          please refer to the following result.


          1. connect AP as station

          2. enable p2p --> OK

          3. check assigned IP of station --> OK

          4. general scan -> not OK

          5. p2p scan --> OK

          6. ping to AP as station --> got very slow resonpse.



          By just checking above result, 4343w doesn't seem to support concurrent at the moment.


          does any one have different test result or any other opinion?




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            I tested the softAP+station i.e APSTA application in BCM94343WWCD2 and it is working fine. It connects to the mentioned AP and brings up a softAP as well.

            If you are not using a recent version of SDK, kindly try with a newer version.

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              Hi riya,


              Thanks for the answer,


              What version of SDK did you test with?

              I'm using 5.0.33 & EVB is based on BCM94343WWCD1, what's the difference WWCD1 & WWCD2 are they same solution?


              like you replied I also succeeded to connect AP and enable GO at the same time

              (this is little bit different case though,but as I know Go also use soft AP internally)

              however the problem is that I can not run p2p scan and legacy scan concurrently and also ping to AP response was very slow.


              Did you run general scan without disabling wifi direct?

              and what about ping response between AP & wiced(station)?

              Did you get good response time?


              I got almost timed out or very slow response between wiced & AP.


              Anyhow, new SDK comes ( , I will test with the version.




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                Hi riya,


                You enabled "SoftAp / station"  , so you don't need to chcek general scan & p2p scan concurrently.

                But I wonder what's the result of "Go / station " concurrent test and also ping response about it.




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                  Hi riya,


                  You are correct,

                  I retested the concurrent operation as you mentioned (Soft AP / client)  and I found I missed call important handler before ip up,

                  that should be affected the WICED concurrent operation.


                  Now I can say w4343 support  Soft AP / station mode.


                  About other concurrent operation like P2P / station, I have to test more.