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    CDC Content fields are empty



      I was trying to reach  new Community Components subsection and noticed that it is empty. So does all Content fields in other sections (screenshot attached). Hope for some progress in restoring the forum.

      Software_Community Components.png.png

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          Hello user_342122993


          The categories you see are representative of the community names on the previous platform.  A decision was made a while back to merge many of the previous discussion forums into a single one as the search engine on the new platform is optimal for this type of "pull" environment.  Unfortunately, the previous material was not remapped to the pre-existing categories upon migration, which is why you see the categories empty when you look at the Content view.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.  The good news is that all of the content from the old forums made it over to the new platform in one piece and has since been indexed for easy retrieval through the spotlight search.



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            Thank you for reply. But what would be a place for a Community components now? That forum was small but important repository for all custom components in single place, small enough to browse through. Posting it in a Software section will dilute the components enough to make it useless. Maybe you can consider a separate thread for it?

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              All of the components are now in the PSoC Software space.


              If you can show me what a few of them look like, or a pattern to use to search for them, I can add them to the category.

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                I am speechless. So Cypress decided to put Community components to a sleep. Wow!


                I hope that members of community will put their voice in support of creating a special repository for community components.

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                  All of the content for Components is still loaded here in the new community. It's just not segregated and is included here in PSoC Software