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    locked main.c

      I received a PSoC Creator project from a coworker and all the application files are locked. E.g. main.c has an lock icon next to its name in the tab and is not editable. How can I disable the file lock? I tried saving the project under a new name but this didn't help form me (answer in this forum to a similar case). When opening the project file I it prompted:

      Log: prj.M0170: A workspace is being opened in a different version of this tool than it was last saved in. In order to preserve the ability to open the workspace in that different version of the tool, a backup has been created. It is located at 'C:\Users\..\._3.3_SP2.zip'.


      I'm running PSoC Creator 4.0 Update 1 on Win 8

      How can I get the files editable again?