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    How cyfxusbdebug example can be tested from host


      I was just trying to understand the example code given in "cyfxusbdebug" under basicexamples, but when I am trying to read the EP 81 from host application(using "cyusb_interrupt_transfer(h1,INTERRUPT_EP,buf,128,&transferred,0);"), nothing is coming as output. Need some help to understand how the debug logs can be get over usb via interrupt EP.


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      Durga Chhangani

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          This example demonstrates the use of an USB interrupt endpoint to log the debug data from the FX3 device. The default debug logging in all otherexamples is done through the UART port. This example shows how the debug data can be pushed out through any outgoing interface.



          This is not working as expected with USB 3.0 connection.

          Thank you for pointing this. We will fix and let you know.


          Connect the device to USB 2.0 port and do IN transfer as above.

          This provides the Logs collected by the CyU3PDebugLog API and CyU3PDebugPrint API over the interrupt end point in the firmware.


          Here, we are passing the UIB Consumer Socket 1, which is mapped to interrupt end point, to CyU3PDebugInit API in the firmware.

          This will create a DMA channel between CPU PROD Socket and UIB Consumer Socket 1. This is handled in the library not in the firmware.

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            Hi Srdr,


            Thanks for your valuable reply. It was really helpful.

            I tried with USB2.0 port and its working as expected , able to read interrupt EP (In) from my application .


            But I was trying this program just to understand about how to access Interrupt EP.

            Now after this sample code executed successfully, we are accessing Interrupt EP in "cyfxuvc_an75779" firmware.(0x82 is already defined there as status interrupt EP in dis application).

            But the main concern now is "Earlier this uvc firmware was working with USB3.0 port but now host is not detecting it over 3.0".

            With USB2.0 the uvc application working fine and able to access interrrupt EP.


            So, it will be great help, if you clear this point that "if we want to use Interrupt EP, it will not work with USB3.0"??


            Thanks & Regards,

            Durga Chhangani