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    status update??


      Sorry I am so dense.


      I got your community-manager email that said I haven't set a status update.  There was a link for status update that took me to a community page with no information about updating any status anywhere on the page.


      I logged in and tried clicking on the link again.     Still no information about updating a status.


      So here are my questions:


      1) What status are you talking about?

      2) Why would I update it?

      3) How do I find it?


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          You are not dense, just frustrated.

          Essentially, the Weekly Community Digest is asking for you to update your status in the form of "Working on a new IoT project", "Burnt the pancakes", "Taking the kids to school", etc.  While this is not mandatory and can be disregarded if needed, it seems that if you want to update status, the link itself takes you to a generic Community News page if you had not previously logged in. 


          Try this:


          1. Login: https://community.cypress.com/  (top right corner of the browser)

          2. Click here: Update your status


          This should work. Let me know if it still gives you problems.