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    port 8 internal routing not working, any way around?



      Firstly, I'm pretty new on the PSOC(4)  architecture so apologise in advance if this has been answered before, then just point me to the door and if possible, also send the link while you do it!


      We have a project where we use all pins, and quite a few of these are button inpust so we use a Global signal, all port interrupt to give us an interrupt if any button is pressed and then wee loop through to see what button was triggering.

      Due to layout constrains, the buttons are spread on all ports, and since the interrupts are port based only it's hard to make some pins come have higher priorities than the buttons. We have some signals, like over current draw, that I would like to have higher priorities than the buttons, that sits on the same port.


      I then thought, lets OR the high priority interrupt signals (in our design 3) together via a 3-gate OR and then have the input feeding a separate interrupt that I can raise the interrupt priority on.


      This works fine for pins on port 0 and 4 but not for one pin that happens to be on Port 8, when I try to wire this into the or gate I get "Port 8 cannot be used for routed connections".

      Is there any way around this, ie can I get a separate interrupt for Port 8 pin 6 in any way, and at the same time have the port 8 interrupt for the rest of the pins?


      kind regards