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    help with build for sleep wakeup during Capsense

      We are using a CYBLE-214009 module on a Pioneer board to test power consumption during device sleep and wakeup for Capsense touch.


      I am currently using Day3 from the 100 Projects in 100 Days files.


      Any help on a build to test what I am trying to verify would be helpful.

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          Do you mean a build to test the power consumption? Or a build to run that you can test the power consumption of?

          For testing the power consumption of the whole board, plugging a current meter between the power source and the board is a pretty simple method of measurement.

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            Actually, I wanted to hook up the current meter, which is no problem, but I would like to put the device into sleep mode, measure current draw then do a wake up via a Capsense detection and measure current difference.

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              Just so you are aware: Capsense is a polling method, and thus it will not wake up the unit upon capsense detection. I'm not terribly familiar with the capsense requirements for polling timing, but if you just want to measure the difference between sleep, deep sleep, and the capsense power draws, then you could measure the power draw for the unit with 3 separate programs: Power draw while running actively with capsense, power draw when in sleep mode, and power draw when in deep sleep mode. See here for power mode information.

              CyBle_EnterLPM(CYBLE_BLESS_DEEPSLEEP); will put the BLE chip into deep sleep. (Call with CYBLE_BLESS_SLEEP to do regular sleep instead)

              To put the processor into sleep call: CySySPmSleep() and to put the processor into deep sleep call: CySysPmDeepSleep()

              For a wakeup, you would probably use the BLE interrupts, or setup a WDT to wakeup at a specified interval to poll the capsense.