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    Cannot acquire device



      I am using CYBLE222014 chip and MiniProg3. I want to flash the chip using MiniProg3 SWD(5pin), but i cannot toggle power of the chip. I am getting the error below:


      WARNING!  | Power was not toggled! Please unplug and replug the programmer into the USB port or Toggle the power again


      i tried to replug but did not work.


      I am getting same error when using EzBLE Module. If i connect UART0 cables, it cannot toggle power. If i remove the UART0 cables, it can toggle power.


      Edit: More Information


      I supply power the chip via battery,

      My Programmer configuration is:


      Programming mode: reset

      Connector: 5p

      Protocol: SWD

      Voltage: 3.3V


      Status Voltage changes between: 3480 - 3500mV


      On right corner of the window, status shows connected and powered. When i try to flash i get new error message (i cannot still toggle power via button)

                                                                     | FAILED! PSoC device is not acquired! Check connection of the chip to the programmer


      Please, check the following items:

                                                                    |  - the connection between the programmer and the PSoC;

                                                                    |  - the correct programming protocol is selected;

                                                                    |  - the correct connector option is selected.



      EDIT 2: I think I started to understand the programmer. I am using external power supply so i cannot toggle the power using programmer. I need to use it in Reset mode.

      But still programmer can not acquire the device.


      EDIT 3: Chip is working. I can scan the chip via Smart Phone.


      Thanks in advance,