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    PSOC 4 BLE

      I've bought the PSOC 4 BLE device development kit. I want to take the small BLE device out from the base. Is it possible? If so, what are the voltage that supply enough power to run the small BLE device?


      Thank you!

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          It is possible to use the 5 pin connector from miniprog3 and power the daughter module.

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            But is it possible to use battery to power the PSOC4 BLE device instead? If so, what is the voltage range for it? and any bypass capacitors needed? Thank you.

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              1.71v to 5.5v without BLE radio, 1.9v to 5.5v with BLE radio. (Any coin cell, AA or AAA battery should work )

              You will probably want a 1.0 uF cap on the power supply pins.

              Reading these documents: http://www.cypress.com/file/137466/download , http://www.cypress.com/file/141171/download

              should answer your questions you have for using the PSoC 4 chip. page 47 of the second document (Getting Started with PSoC 4 BLE) describes the voltage range, and page 16 of the first document (PSoC 4xx7_BLE Family Datasheet) describes a simple setup for the chip standalone to have it operate (The bypass capacitors listed on there should be what you want)

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                Thank you very much!

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                  You're welcome!

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                    Hello, I have connected my BLE device (the red one), with VDDA,VDDD and VDDR to the power source. And the ground with a 1 uF capacitor from ground pin to the ground source. My question is:

                    1. Am I connecting the ground pin correctly? The ground pin I have connected are the one next to VDDA & VDDR source and the ground which is above the VDDD source.

                    2. When I boot up my cySmart, I was able to find the ble device sending out signal. However, when I was trying to connect to it. It says it is connection time out unexpectatly. What will the problem possibly be?


                    Thank you!



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                      Just fyi: The VDDD,VDDR,VDDA refer to the voltage power for Digital, Reference, and Analog respectively. (Shouldn't make too much of a difference for simple usage)

                      1. If you are using the PSoC 4 BLE module (with the breakout headers), then I don't think you need to wire up a capacitor to the power/ground for it to function, as that is already put on the breakout board?

                      2. If the connection times out upon connecting, it could be that your software on the PSoC 4 is crashing when it receives an event in the BLE callback handler that is unhandled/not handled properly. Are you using the example software on the PSoC 4? Or are you trying to program your own app on it?

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                        Thank you for your response. I have the PSoC 4 BLE module with the breakout headers. Therefore, I have followed your advice and remove the capacitors. However, this time, nothing can be found from the Cysmart app on my phone.

                        2.When the PSoC4 device was connected to the programming base, the program was able to run smoothly. And it is the demo program for displaying the input frequency through bluetooth.


                        Attached is a link to my circuit. The white line are for the source input and black is to the GND.

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                          1. Instead of wiring your battery/power source to the breakout VDDA,VDDR, and VDDD pins, just wire your power source to the GND and VDD of J3 (Bottom of the board). The VDD there is wired to run to all three of the other voltage references.

                          Or, if you want to use the breakout locations: Use VDDD and wire the power to that pin, and the GND just above it.

                          2. If you are still getting a disconnect when connecting with CySmart, most likely the unit is running out of power.

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                            Sorry for the late reply. I was able to make it work when connect the pin at the J3. Howeer when i use the breakout locations, it did not work. I guess I can just stick to the J3 pins.

                            Thank you!