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    PSoC 4 BLE Upgradable Stack FOTA default program

      I'm working on a project with this type of FOTA in BLE device. I want to set Bootloader program as default launch program, so when i connect my device it start at bootloader and 30 sec later launch main application. Someone has ideas?


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          There are different types of OTA projects available for PSoC4-BLE devices. By default the first project to run will be Bootloader. Then only after validating the application it will be switched to bootloadable. But please note that in the external Memory bootloader and the Upgradable Stack bootloader the actual "Bootloading" operation happens from the bootloadable.


          I assume that you want the bootloader to wait for a new image for the initial 30S. There is a configuration in the bootloader component to configure this. There is a "Wait for command time" option. However based on the complete project only we can decide if you can achieve the requirement.