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    Download & Recovery failed / BluetoolDownloadMinidriver failed



      I am trying to flash our BCM 20736S BLE module.
      Using WICED-Smart-SDK 2.2.0, in WICED Smart IDE, I have 2 make targets (for download and recovery):
      BLE-BCM920736TAG_Q32 download BT_DEVICE_ADDRESS=random UART=COM91

      BLE-RECOVER-BCM920736TAG_Q32 recover UART=COM91

      Similarly, we'd also like to use the ChipLoad exe to flash this from command line:



      We have a custom PCB with 2 FTDI 232 USB-to-UART converters which each connect to one the UARTs on the BCM module.
      It also has a reset button for the BCM, and a button pulling SDA to GND for recovery.


      We use those sequences to try to flash the module:

      - Download: press & release reset, start the make target in IDE
      - Recover: press reset & SDA, release reset, wait a while, release SDA, start make target in IDE (with varying timing)

      I measured the RX pin at reset of the BCM, it is at "HI" level (3.3V) as supposed.
      On a 3rd party forum I saw soneone mention that SDA is also supposed to be held high, not low, for recoevry, without giving a reference. I tried that modifcation, to no avail.


      Any of this almost never works in the IDE. Like 1 of 50 times there is no error.
      The ChipLoad, on my PC (wint 32bit), never works, I always get "BluetoolDownloadMinidriver failed".
      On a different PC (win10) I once got ChipLoad to work for a couple times in a row, but not anymore.


      Can you provide any hints as to what may produce this rather sporadic functioning of the flashing process?