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    How to reset CYBLE-022001-00 eval board

      I got a CYBLE-022001-00 eval board yesterday and tried  to use it standalone (upload code via a Jlink with SWD interface). Create new project with example code, compile with PSoC Creator then export to Eclipse and upload the code via Jlink, everything is OK.

      Then I use code from 100 projects in 100 days (#007 broadcaster and peripheral) but this code is not for CYBLE-022001-00 eval board (the pin config for CY8C4247 chip), I forget it and try to upload this code to the board. Although get some errors, the board still run the code (advertise and connect OK) but now I can't connect to the board via Jlink (SWD) anymore (I think the pin config is changed). How can I reset CYBLE-022001-00 eval ?