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    How to reset CYBLE-022001-00 eval

      I got a CYBLE-022001-00 eval board yesterday and tried  to use it standalone (upload code via a Jlink with SWD interface). Create new project with example code, compile with PSoC Creator then export to Eclipse and upload the code via Jlink, everything is OK.
      Then I use code from 100 projects in 100 days (#007 broadcaster and peripheral) but this code is not for CYBLE-022001-00 eval board (the pin config for CY8C4247 chip), I forget it and try to upload this code to the board. Although get some errors, the board still run the code (advertise and connect OK) but now I can't connect to the board via Jlink (SWD) anymore (I think the pin config is changed). How can I reset CYBLE-022001-00 eval ?

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          PSoC Creator has an option to disable SWD during operation. This is done from DWR settings > System tab > Debug Select option

          When this is set to SWD, the interface is always active. When set to GPIO, SWD is active only during reset.


          You should be able to program using PSoC Programmer irrespective of this setting. Regarding JLink, I found this thread which seems to indicate an issue with older versions (<5.10p), where the device is not reset and thus SWD doesn't come up.





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