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    RTLS (Real-Time Location System) available on PRoC/PSoC BLE modules ?




      I am interested to use the PRoC module for indoor navigation system. I recently get to know about RTLS features which can help to build the BLE accurate localization system. Question if the PRoC or any BLE module from Cypress can support this feature and if yes if there is any manual how to implement it.


      Thank you so much in advance


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          Functionally, a RTLS just uses signals from fixed/known device locations to determine current position through signal-strength and inference. This makes it feasible for any wireless signal, but makes it more difficult due to software being implement-able in a large number of ways.

          Any cypress device with wireless or BLE functionality can be used to implement a RTLS. I have not seen any easy guides on writing an RTLS system using a specific signaling-medium however. Here is a well-defined description of RTLS if you require: https://openrtls.com/page/rtls

          Generally: Setup alot of wireless devices to transmit unique information; Read that information on your mobile device; Calculate your position based on the information, signal strength, etc. Then scale the wireless devices to the size of the area you want to cover.

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            Thank you very much for the answer. So it should be possible but in your opinion but I am still a little confused. They mention that the RTLS accuracy came from the fact that they use UWB ( Ultra Wide Band ) technology. While here we talked about BlueTooth. Also I have found some books if you type in google UWB vs BLE and it looks that those technologies are different. So correct me if I am wrong but in this case PRoC cannot support it..


            Thank you

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              RTLS is a system/architecture of software that utilizes a network of wireless devices to synchronize location and time in a quick manner. UWB and BLE are both wireless technologies, and thus I would say it is possible, but if you are looking at an already-implemented RTLS system, then picking the PRoC would require devlopment/work on your side to setup the RTLS architecture (Or hoping you can find an example somewhere that is mostly done). UWB is the underlying transmission medium for various RTLS, but that doesn't mean the PRoC cannot support a similar system over wireless bluetooth.


              Here's an analogy that might explain it better:

              RTLS would be like a transportation company, that delivers packages to various houses/homes.

              UWB is a specific type of car, let's say a Toyota Highlander

              BLE would then be another type of car, let's say Toyota Tacoma

              Thus, you could setup a transportation service to deliver packages and use either car to do so: Highlander or Tacoma

              If your packages only fit in the Highlander (RTLS being setup to use UWB), then trying to use Tacomas to do the same thing won'y work, as the packages are shaped to fit in the Highlander. If you change the shape of the packages to fit the Tacoma instead however, it will work at a comparable level to the Highlander. Unfortunately, it would then be incompatible with the Highlander as the package is a different shape now.


              RTLS is not based on the UWB or BLE, RTLS is a system of using wireless devices to do location services/tracking. This means that you could do it with WiFi, Cellular, GPS, Decawave, etc. But each implementation would need to be setup to use the wireless protocol/medium that you picked.


              If you are trying to match an RTLS system that uses UWB, then you will need a device that supports UWB as the wireless medium. In that case, you can't use the PRoC as that only has the BLE radio on it. If you are looking to implement your own RTLS system from scratch, then you can technically use any wireless medium (BLE, UWB, Wi-Fi, etc.). From doing a little research into the matter, people say that UWB is more accurate for RTLS usage.

              I would recommend using UWB over BLE, but the question "Can the PRoC be used to make an RTLS?" is still a definite Yes.

              Since you know what requirements you have for your project, only you can make the best choice. But if you really really want to use BLE to do your RTLS system, then PRoC is a good choice. Otherwise, if you are only looking to make an RTLS system using any wireless medium, then you should probably pick UWB, as it was designed to be used for RTLS.

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                Thank you very much for your detail answer. Really appreciate.