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    i2c slave read buffer delay


      I have created an i2c project like the given example but I see a delay on the read buffer thats returned to the master.  Its returns the correct buffer on subsequent requests.  For example using the bridge control gui. I send a start with a write address and a sub command... then send a repeated start with a read and returns blank on the first command.  It appears from the datasheet that the function I2C_SlaveInitReadBuf has a side effect of "If this function is called during a bus transaction, data from the previous buffer location and the beginning of the current buffer may be transmitted."  This seems exactly what I am doing with a repeated start.


      s 10 0A s 11 x x p


      The first time run it returns

      s 10+ 0A+ s 11+ 00+ 00+ p


      then any following command reads

      s 10+ 0A+ s 11+ 00+ 04+ p


      Do I need to run a command after I set the return buffer variable?



      #include <project.h>

      #include <stdio.h>



      #include <header01.h>



      /* I2C slave read and write buffers */

      uint8 i2cReadBuffer[7];

      uint8 i2cWriteBuffer[7];

      uint16 i2cbuffer;



      int main()


          CyGlobalIntEnable; /* Enable global interrupts. */



          /* Start I2C slave (SCB mode) */


          I2C_1_SlaveInitReadBuf(i2cReadBuffer,  7);

          I2C_1_SlaveInitWriteBuf(i2cWriteBuffer, 7);


          int32 temperature = 0;






              /* Write complete: parse command packet */

              if (0u != (I2C_1_SlaveStatus() & I2C_1_SSTAT_WR_CMPLT))


                  ExecuteWriteCommand(i2cWriteBuffer[0], i2cWriteBuffer);


                  /* Clear slave write buffer and status */


                  (void) I2C_1_SlaveClearWriteStatus();





              /* Read complete: expose buffer to master */

              if (0u != (I2C_1_SlaveStatus() & I2C_1_SSTAT_RD_CMPLT))


                  /* Clear slave read buffer and status */


                  (void) I2C_1_SlaveClearReadStatus();











      * ExecuteCommand(): executes received command and returns status


      void ExecuteWriteCommand(uint32 cmd, uint8_t *buffer)


          int16 return_value;



          /* Execute received command */

          switch (cmd)



              case 0x0A:

                  return_value = 4;

                  i2cReadBuffer[0] = (return_value & 0xFF00) >> 8 ;

                  i2cReadBuffer[1] = (return_value & 0x00FF);









      /* [] END OF FILE */