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    Write timeout

      I tried to create a simple application with the CY8ckit-042 (the end product will use the CYBLE-214009-00 BLE Module)

      I need to measure a few voltages (4x 250sps is enough) and write a single uint8 value from an app to the BLE device.
      The BLE part with a custom profile and the measuring part are working perfectly on different devices, but when I tried to combine the functionalities I get a lot of write timeouts and malfunctions.

      How can I use the ADC and other peripherals without interfering with the BLE part?

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          You have the ADC set to lower priority than the BLE, it could be that playing around with the priorities will yield better results (BLE is normally desired to be higher priority, so idk if this will help)

          I have personally used both the ADC and BLE on the same chip, but I have not explicitly tested behavior of the ADC interacting with the BLE chip operation.