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    PSoC Creator: Please consider a fix: very slow debug in v4.1


      I have an issue with PSoC Creator 4.1, update 1.  It may not be a bug.  It may be a tradeoff you have made in the work you have done.


      I updated to PSoC Creator 4.1, update 1, and noticed an "unfixed" issue was very slow debug when also using a particular device.  The solution was to unplug the device.


      I am running PSoC Creator 4.1, and have a fx2 based logic analyzer.  I am using kitprog. It does not seem to matter if I start with the fx2 based logic analyzer connected or disconnected.  It is always slow.  Even if I turn interrupts off, it is slow.


      The short of it is that PSoC 4.1 takes anywhere from 3.77 to 6.0 seconds for a single step (timed with a stop watch), or to reach a breakpoint a few lines of code away from where you previously broke after pressing run.  PSoC Creator 3.3 is almost instantaneous on the same machine.  PSoC Creator 4.0 is slower than 3.3, but it is usable.


      The one advantage of 4.1 is you don't step into ISR's, you just step through code.  However, disabling ISR's for a 5 or 10 minute debug session was *much* faster than this, although annoying.  I'm ready for annoying.


      Unfortunately, because you *cannot* bring newer projects into *older* versions without a lot of tedious work, I am stuck wasting a *lot* of time on this. 


      Please consider changing something for speed.