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      I'm working with the FX3 SuperSpeed Explorer kit for linux.

      I use the CyUSB Suite for Linux software.



      After installing the 'cyusb_linux' application, I checked the device list.


      and select to download a firmware image to RAM.


      Going back to the Descriptors tab, I could not show the details of the device (List of device, Endpoint OUT/IN...etc,.),

      So, I couldn't send data.

      The error message is as follows :



      I was wondering if there was a problem installing the application for Linux, or what problem I was having.

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            From your description, You are trying to download firmware image to the FX3 SuperSpeed Explorer kit. From the snapshot, I think you need to do the following things to  locate the issue.

            1. Could you please check if your fx3_sdk_linux is the latest one(You could download the lastest one from link: EZ-USB FX3 Software Development Kit | Cypress Semiconductor ). From the "Succesfully downloaded" dialog,  seems the firmware image has been downloaded succesfully from  start button click hanlder-on_pb4_start_clicked, then API fx3_usbboot_download has correct return. Could you check with lsusb to see if you could find the relevant devices after you download the firmware image.

            2. From application prints "Failed to stat file\n Error: Invalid firmware file format", check from the source code, we could prints additional files name. From your console prints without filesname, it seems some mismatch. Please check with the tips 1 lastest SDK in linux.



          Best Regards

          Zeng Wei

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            First, thank you for your reply.


            I installed the latest version of fx3_sdk_linux, but I do not know what 'start button click hanlder-on_pb4_start_clicked' you were talking about. Where is the button?


            Regarding the error code, I will check the file name again.

            Thanks for the tip.

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                You could search void ControlCenter::on_pb4_start_clicked() in file gui_src/main.cpp. This the start button click handler.

                You could open the QT project with qt4-creator. Then you will find the start button named pb4_start.



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                Thanks a lot !!

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                  Hi, could you tell me how to install cyusb_linux? I tried many times, all failed! Thanks!

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                    Hello Qingshui Kong,


                    Please read the 'Readme.txt' file in the cyusb_linux package.

                    In case you are stuck at installation at some point, kindly, post the query.


                    Best regards,

                    Srinath S