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    BCM943362WCD4 based design



      I am new to this platform, and have been evaluating WICED Wi-Fi EVAL KIT (BCM943362WCD4) for a project. The project aims at designing a schematic/layout with WICED module (using USI WM-N-BM-14) which can be added to the range of products we have already designed. Application part will be different from product to product.


      At design/development stage, it is convenient to have a USB interface for JTAG and UART, to program and debug the application. But during the production, we will need a better way to be able to flash the application to the STM MCU.


      WICED application note WICED-AN800-R on Factory Programming provides information from the software point of view of programming the modules, but there is little or no information provided regarding the hardware setup. What sort of hardware design will be required for the factory programming as mentioned in this application note?


      Does it necessarily require JTAG-2-USB for programming? In this case, the Olimax JTAG USB programmer can be used.


      Can we program using UART RX and TX from the breakout header using TTL-232R-3V3 UART to Serial (or any other converter)?


      I have seen some responses regarding UART programming under WICED Smart forum. Do those responses also apply to WICED Wi-Fi, or are these two development systems completely different?


      Our aim is to reduce the number of components that will be included in the design (so no FTDI chip if possible). What will be the bare minimum design in order to be able to program the WICED Wifi? Any design guide or schematic available?


      My second concern is regarding the Over-The-Air (OTA) upgrade. From my understanding, it is the STM32F2xx MCU which is being programmed when flashing. Knowing that STM MCU has 1MB of flash and some of the applications have sizes > 512kB, so I do not understand how the OTA upgrade will take place. Does OTA require a separate Flash on-board?


      I understand that some of these questions might have been answered somewhere else in the forum. If that is so, then please direct me to the specific discussion topic.

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          Factory programming is via JTAG port.


          Yes, Olimex JTAG programmer could be used. For sample scan application here is the make target command: "snip.scan-BCM943362WCD4 JTAG=Olimex_ARM-USB-TINY-H download run".


          Programming via serial port requires an some application running on the MCU. For this, bootloader could be modified to load application from serial port. The bootloader needs to be loaded to MCU via JTAG (Olimex is one of the option). This may not be needed on many use cases but if it required it could be done.


          FTDI chips is not required. FTDI chip on the eval board implements the JTAG and serial port interfaces. To program the MCU, JTAG header is needed to connect JTAG programmer.


          WICED Smart and WICED WiFi are two different SDKs and hardware platforms.


          Sample OTA application uses the external serial flash to store the images. Some more info is available in the SDK, ...\apps\snip\ota_fr\ota_fr.c.



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            Thanks for the reply. On the other hand, I have also bought the ST-Link/V2 and a Waveshare 32F205 demo board. Maybe ST-Link/V2 via JTAG will be useful for manufacture as well.

            I thought I could use the binary file generated from WICED and program my demo board. I wonder if such binary is existed and where it is located.

            If it is not existed, is there any way I can generate one via Target Command? I also wonder if the bootloader is not necessary in my case.