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    ACKme enters the Bluetooth market with family of low power, high performance Bobcat BLE modules



      Los Gatos, CA: Oct 10, 2014:  ACKme Networks changed the market with its easy-to-use Wi-Fi modules such as the AMW004 ‘Wallaby’ and AMW006 ‘Numbat’ family members, and today ACKme redefines the benchmark by which all Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) / Bluetooth Smart modules are now measured.


      For many, BLE offered a new and easier method by which products could create a serial link with apps on smart phones and tablets but without a serial port profile supported by the native stack, developing with BLE still provides a number of hurdles.  Enter TruConnect™ and the Bobcat family of Bluetooth LE / Smart modules.


      All fully certified ACKme ‘Bobcat’ modules run TruConnect™ software, an easy-to-use application and a member of the SDConnect™ IoT software framework. The application enables full module control and configuration via a serial interface virtually eliminating the difficult and time-consuming software development effort vastly reducing product development cycles.


      Bobcat is currently available in 2 versions:


      1. Bobcat LP (AMS001) is designed for customer applications focused on extreme low power, such as those powered by coin cell batteries. Bobcat LP offers a transmit power of +4dBm while drawing only 10.8mA, during receive it only uses 12.8mA (-94dBm) with a typical range of >50m (150ft) line of sight. Even lower current draw is possible when reducing the RF transmit output power settings.
      2. Bobcat LC (AMS002) is designed for customer applications where cost is key. The Bobcat LC module does not offer the additional low power capabilities of Bobcat LP but maintains identical transmit power and receive sensitivity characteristics.


      Bobcat LP and Bobcat LC both share an identical footprint and software interface, TruConnect™, allowing design transportability depending on requirements.


      Pricing around $5 USD in low production volumes. Modules and evaluation platforms are available through Macnica


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