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      I'm having trouble with the CyMiniProg3Service not working when I install the 2011 Driver station.  The driver station can't find the PSOC baord and after the Driver Station install my other Cypress apps can't find the PSOC.  Reinstalling the Cypress programmer software will allow the Cypress apps to function but the FRC Driver station still won't work.


      Are the CyMiniProg3Service files provided by First Robotics the same as the one used by creator beta 5 and programmer the same ?


      My OS is WinXP sp 2.   

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          The service is the same, but the bootstrap firmware (ftk_3_simfw.hex) is custom for FRC.  This is why you cannot upgrade the Cypress tools without causing the Driver Station to be unable to find the First Touch module.

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            I am having this same issue.


            I updated the Cypress programmer because I was getting an error when loading the hex file for 2012 to the first touch moudle. The error was stating the hex file was for silicon version ES3 and the  detected module was silicon version* *.


            Is there something else I can do to get the older version programer to work with this module?

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              This was corrected by replacing the bootstrap file in the updated programer version.


              Cypress programmer version works fine with FRC2012 DS if the " ftk_3_simfw.hex " file is replaced with the same named file from the version that came with the DS install from First.


              the path to the file you want  is " c:\program files\cypress\programmer\3.12\service ".




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