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    Re-posting here as this could be some off season fun for FIRST robotics teams

    Patrick Kane

       New Kickstarter from Embedit – RPiSoC dev kit with Raspberry Pi compatibility


      By Mark Saunders


      RPiSoC is a PSoC 5LP-based electronics development platform that allows your software to interact with the physical world in a way that emphasizes power, flexibility, and accessibility.


      RPiSoC Board


      It started life as a senior project for Robert Barron and Brian Bradley at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, who have now formedEmbedit and launched the platform on Kickstarter. If you're interested in getting one just sign up as a backer. You can get a plain board for a $39 pledge or, for just $5 more you can get the board plus a Cypress Miniprog3 programmer/debugger kit. That's great deal because those kits are usually $90!


      RPiSoC can be used as a standalone embedded board for instrumentation, data acquisition, and mixed signal projects. But it really gets interesting when you hook it up to a Raspberry Pi. The PSoC 5LP makes RPiSoC much more than a typical fixed-function expansion board; providing access to PWMs, high resolution DACs and ADCs, Opamps, DSP, Pmod and Arduino Shield interfaces, and much more! You can replace a bunch of peripheral boards with a single RPiSoC.



      I really recommend taking a look at this new platform. Robert and Brian just launched the kickstarter project and there are some nice videos of the platform in action. I particularly like the face recognition one but there are a number of others on YouTube.