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    The New Cypress.com Beta Website is Available for Preview


      The New Cypress.com Beta Website is Available for Preview


      The Cypress team is pleased to announce that we’ve been working to develop a new Cypress.com website and forum. The beta release is being made available to allow you, our valued Developer Community, to test and evaluate the new site before we launch it to the world.


      The new site is not recommended for placing orders, entering support requests or other secured functionality. Please only use the Cypress.com Feedback forum for on the new site as other threads will be overwritten with a final merge of data right before we launch.  


      You can find the new site at www.cypress.com.




      What’s new on Cypress.com?


      In addition to an updated layout and navigation, the new site has a redesigned Product Selector Guide which will be available off every product page. You can test out the new selector for the PSoC 4 here. We’re introducing a new omnisearch bar so you can search for a part number or keyword from the same search box with the ability to filter your results by product or document type.


      We’ve also added the ability to login with your Google or LinkedIn account to download documents and software. You no longer need to have a separate Cypress.com account and password.




      What is coming next?


      After we launch the new Cypress.com, the Cypress team will continue to work on website updates. You will see improvements in the Cypress Store, the Cypress Developer Community and a new Rewards Store later this year. We will also use your feedback to help us determine any other areas where we need to improve.  




      How can you give feedback?


      Please let us know what you think about the new site on the Cypress.com Feedback forum on the new site. We’ll be monitoring the forum and responding to your questions. We appreciate your help with the new site and hope you like the update.  

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