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    PSoC 5LP Operator Interface for the FIRST Robotics Competition


      This article provides an example project that can be used to program a USB HID game controller into a CY8CKIT-059 prototyping kit. This kit is included in the KOP for all rookie teams and is available to all teams in the First Choice store.


      The following attachments are included:


      USB_HID_Example_Doc.pdf: A detailed description of the project and includes instructions on how to program it into the kit. Information on how to use the kit for other custom functions is also included.


      CyController.zip: Archive containing the project file (CyController.hex) which can be programmed into the kit. Note:the software used to program the kit (PSoC Programmer) is included in the NI FIRST Update. A link to the PSoC programmer installer is also included in the pdf file.