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    auto completion

      Hi guys,




      I am working with PSoC5LP for a bathumetry project. I use PSoC Creator 3.3 which I believe is the current version.


      I think there could be be a useful amelioration of the auto completion. I think It would de much useful if the proposed completion would be Block Functions (as UART_GPS_GetRxBufferSize()) first and not other. I don't know for other people but my team and me are mainly using emended functions and we have to write at least 95% of the function name before the basic function we want is proposed.




      For instance, I want to light up the embedded blue led (PinLed_Write(1)), we have to write character up to the "W" to get a proposition for "Write". 


      If we could get that proposition at the "_" or even before it would be very time saving. Indeed when I type "PinLed_" I get the following propositions : atanhf, atanhl, atanl, bcmp, PinLed_0,   PinLed_0_INTR, etc. which I believe are less used than "_Write" and "_Read".


      I think it would be a good improvement.




      Nathanael Esnault