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    Bridge Control Panel: Basic RX8 / COM Port hex dump example

      I am having trouble getting 'Bridge Control Panel' to show output using RX8 mode. I want to use it to draw graphs and I have read the complete Help documentation that comes with it. I think a good place to start would be just displaying in coming data in a hex dump format.


      I have a (cypress psoc based) device connected to Windows computer on COM5, and I know it is streaming my data, with a header of ASCII 'C' followed by binary bytes, which I verify in TeraTerm. I have set the serial parameters, RX8, 115200,8N1. I have the variables Chart | Variables  setup.


      Bridge reports 'Syntax: OK' and 'Connected', But nothing shows when I click 'Repeat' (or first highlight the command then hit 'Repeat').


      1) To get a very basic hex dump of the serial port in Bridge Control, shouldn't I be able to use a command like: 'RX8 @0Key1' and set the chart variable 'Key1' to Byte. Could you possible post a step by step procedure for a simple hex dump of a COM port with Bridge Control Panel?


      2) Can you explain why only the 'Repeat' and 'ToFile' buttons are enabled, but not 'Send' ?


      3) Does the software on the device have to wait to receive a command from Bridge? Or can it just already be streaming out the data when connected?


      4) Is it possible in RX8 mode to send a command to the device to initiate the data stream?


      Thank you


      ps. There does not seem to be a Forum for BridgeControlPanel, but I saw another request for it posted here.