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    How to mark forum posts a read


      I have just re-joined the forum for the first time since the software was upgraded.


      One feature that I appreciate is seeing which forum threads have posts that I have not yet seen, but I cannot see how to mark the forums (individually or - preferably - all together) as 'read'.


      (I apologise if this has been asked before but I must agree with some other pasts in that my efforts to search for an answer resulted in way too many false-positive matches for me to properly check.)



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          A post is marked as "seen" when you actually have a look into the thread. Afaik no shortcuts to mark a complete forum. But when threads are too old they are not considered as "new", although the counting of the number of posts seems to be a bit... well...  I didn't find out yet the base of numbering system.


          Searching (and finding what you search for) is a theme... A working solution is to use the Cypress Document Manager which has a lot of checkboxes to specify what exactly you are looking for. Quite a good help!






          PS: When looking out myy window all is WHITE! Heavily snowing! Temp -3° C

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            Thanks Bob - good to know I;m not missing something.




            PS: quite a cool 25 here at the moment - its a bit of a cool patch in between the 35-40 degree heatwaves. (I was going to mention the bush fires around here that burned down 116 houses on Christmas day but I hear there are wildfires in California as well - go figure!)