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      Sorry guys, you really need to objectively review the usability of this website if you want people to use it. 


      I have just spent 10 minutes trying to find a couple of common dev boards in your shop that I wanted to email to a friend - prospective customer.


      If the shop was organised in a common sense way this would have taken 1 minute max.


      Clicking on the Cypress Store shows a list of new kits, a list of top selling kits, but no 'select kit by category' or 'other kits'.


      Clicking on the 'Products' sidebar, which looks like it should take me to the kits for that product family, instead exits the store, and displays the product family.


      Navigating back into the store from a particular product does not display the store items which relate to that product. Instead it just goes to the store front page again.


      Another example - clicking on the 'breadcrumb' for 'Development Kits/Boards' shows a generic site search page instead of a list of 'Development Kits/Boards' as I would expect.


      Also, the forum UI is poor and makes the organisation look like it doesn't really care about the community. I used to often browse the forums, but not any more.


      Anyway thats it from me, rant off :)

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          Hello Roger –


          I understand the frustration with trying to find a kit as we are working towards making the flow of the site more functional and improve accessibility to kits and dev boards with a new product selection program . Along with the new functionality of the product selection guide one of the other main items we are focused on is major upgrades to our forum. We would love for you to be one of the reviewers of our new product selection guide online and provide feedback on the site. Let me know if this is something you would be interested in and I will add you as a reviewer.


          Let me know if I can be of assistance in the meantime to find the kit/dev board you were requesting as well.


          Thank you


          Angela Freese

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            Hi Angela,


            Thanks for your reply. Sorry it took a while before I came back to check if anyone had replied. 


            Yes I would be happy to review and provide feedback where I can - please let me know how that would work.





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              Roger - If you can email me at adfd@cypress.com and I will connect you with the team in development and add you as a reveiwer.


              Thank You