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    Where to report a AppNote Typo?


      Hi, (didn't found a proper place to post this)


      I was reading the AN82072 AppNote and found an error, the PDF document doesn't have the contact mail of the author, so i guess the unique way to report the typo is this forum.


      So the error is in page 31 of the AppNote:


      Code 3. Command to Compile Host Application:


      $ gcc -o Linux_GenericHID_CLI.c Linux_GenericHID_CLI -I/usr/local/include/libusb-1.0 -L/usr/local/lib -lusb-1.0




      After test this command in Ubuntu 16.04 and it doesn't work i google about gcc compilation and found the command that properly compile the file.


      $ gcc Linux_GenericHID_CLI.c -o Linux_GenericHID_CLI -I/usr/local/include/libusb-1.0 -L/usr/local/lib -lusb-1.0




      Hint: The -o flag is in a wrong place ;)




      Hope it can be fixed soon.