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    CYZC68013A-100AXC driver installing.

      Hi , i am having trouble with my hantek usb oscilloscope using this chip.It has been working on 3 computers on windows 7, and now works only on one , and one specific usb port.the problem is that i cant now install the driver.After searching for people having the same problem , i found many, but no solution...When i try on my laptop with windows 7-32 , i have "unknown device" , with the details:






      Could you help me,


      Thank you.

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          Can you please check if you have required drivers for the oscilloscope installed in that PC? If not, can you get the drivers and install them manually to that device using the device manager?




          -Madhu Sudhan

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            Hi thank you for your reply , i have the drivers , but windows says "no drivers found for this device" when i try to update manually and let it point to the drivers folder where is the .inf file .What i do not understand is when i plug it in , the device manager says "unknown device",so of course how to find a driver for an unknown device...




            Francois BONIN

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              There is a chance that the device has gone into compliance mode. This usually takes place when 1st LFPS is missed by the device. One reason could be a hardware mismatch between the Port of the PC and the Port of the oscilloscope. These kind of hardware mismatches might not occur for all the devices that are connected to the port. Make sure that the connection is tight.




              - Madhu Sudhan