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    Repeated Spam




      For several months now (since the new website was introduced) there are more or less frequent spam floods that probably take some time until deleted. This is disturbing the CDC quite a lot. A moderated forum would need some work either, so it would be good to have an automatism.


      I would suggest to modify forum software:

      • Allow a new user a single post (new topic or reply to an existing topic)
      • The user is blocked from making additional posts.
      • The user is un-blocked when another user replies to his question
      • The user gets banned when another member flags the post as offensive

      This could probably hinder some of the posts with only a few changes in forum software.


      Additionally it could be worth fetching the IP and try to file an action against him to refund the expenditure of human labor needed to correct his workings.




      Regards, Bob

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          Hi Bob,


          We have been working with our vendor on SPAM solutions but as you know they've been particularly ineffective. Currently we are manually checking the forum and deleting user accounts and posts within 24 hours. When someone does post SPAM their accounts are at a minimum deactivated (historical good poster and may have an account hacked) and are typically deleted (poster has only posted SPAM). 


          We are continuing to look into new modules for our forum system to automatically block the SPAM posts. It's truly been a challenge for us with the move to the new CMS.





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            Robyn, good to hear from you again!


            Measured on the number of "Welcome in the forum" answers I posted so far it might be easier (less work) to unblock new users than deleting spam messages. The latter sometimes lead (at least for me) to the indication of "3 new" posts which aren't there and are annoying me for a month until they disappear.


            BTW: I do like the spell checking!!! But wouldn't it be good to include the word "PSoC"   ;-)