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    CY8CMBR3116 - Host interrupt line problem



      I'm using CY8CMBR3116 CapSense controller in my project. HI is configured on pin23 (SPO0), CSx pins also - related to connected buttons. 
      In datasheet p.15 it is described that HI should be enabled in every change of CSx.


      How it should be (according to datasheet)
      On button activation HI goes low for THI after this time back to high,
      on release goes low for THI after this time back to high. (Figure 10)


      How it works
      On button activation HI goes low and stays as long as button is pressed.
      It will go high only on release.


      Because of this it is not possible to detect action on other button (without pooling) while other is pressed.
      I couldn't find any description how to use it like in datasheet and also I couldn't find anything to configure in register map.


      So where is the problem, hardware or missing configuration?



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          The HI pin should go low only for 250us upon touch/release of any button.


          Since the pin is going low upon touch and coming back after release of a single button(I think should be CS7), it looks like


          pin 23 in your project is at default GPIO mode (GPO7), which activates when button 7 ,CS7 is touched.


          To configure pin 23 as HI, you need set the configuration as shown in the image in ezclick.Hope this resolves.


          Let us know if you face any issues.



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            I made all configuration compared with ezclick.

            In my project I have 8 buttons - connected to CS0, CS1, CS2, CS3, CS7, CS8, CS9 and CS10.
            These buttons are configured in 0x00


            Additionaly CS15 is configured as shield in SPO_CFG (0x4C) into SPO1 (value 2) and
            HI is configured in SPO0 (value 4) -> this is the same like in your screenshot.


            Configuration read from i2c tracer in attachment


            HI still works like I decribed in my first post.




            Update: I've generated hex output from ezClick with "the same" configuration like I made by hand.
            When used this output all works as expected.

            I will check difference between ezClick output and "by hand" configuration