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    About CYUSB2014_BZXC ISSUE


      I will develop the chip named CYUSB2014_BZXC,I use the vxworks system,I want to CYUSB2014_BZXC connect to USB.


      Now,I want to know how to investigate somethings,which part of work need to do.


      for example,I want to get descriptor of USB,how can I do,this chip how to use,Could someone can help me!!

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          Hello - I will provide these details to an engineer and ask that they get back to you soon.


          Thank You



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            Hi Angela


            The following is platform,I will develop the usb device driver software,by the way I use system named vxworks.


            The driver software will run which part of item,the dirver will run Altera Arm or CYUSB2014-BXZC,and give me some details about development.


            Thank you!

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              We recommend you to have a SuperSpeed explorer kit. We have a list of example projects available in the link - http://www.cypress.com/documentation/code-examples/usb-superspeed-code-examples


              Also we have a text book that will help you write descriptors 



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                I am glad to receive your response,I have some issues,the first one,I choose the chip named CYUSB2014-BXZC,where will the sdk and firmware install,PC,or CPU on my board.how to get the firmware from EEPROM,could you tell me the details.

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                  Madhu Lakshmipathy



                  \To get the firmware from EEPROM, the I2C Interface is used. For programming the EEPROM with firmware and to boot from EEPROM, please refer to this App Note.







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                             I have downloaded the FX3 SDK kit,but I found [USB Control Center],which is nothing displaying,


                    The folloing pic is my [USB Control Center].I want to get some support,why the item display nothing.







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                               I used the system named Vxworks,I want to know whether the FX3 SDK supports on Vxworks,If the SDK supports,and where the source link that I can get.

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                                  I need your help.Now I use the example "SRAMMaster",I need send or receive data from usb port to p-port.


                        I want to know how to use interface,which can send message to p-port when the usb connect is OK.

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                          Can any one tell me to get boot loaded for CYUSB2014-BZXI for Linux OS. Which is similar to USB Control Center, Where  I need to boot the CYUSB2014-BZXI and upload my firmware to EEPROM through linux os.