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    wiced sense not running my download

      In the SDK, I copied the WICED_Sense folder under 'Apps' to another folder  under Apps, which I called AC_WICED_Sense.  Then I created another make target named AC_WICED_Sense, and hacked the code:


      In wiced_sense.h, I changed all 'Features' from 1 to 0.  (Top 15 or so lines of the file.)


      It seems to build and download my AC_WICED_Sense app ok, but all the sensors are still working (I can view them in the demo phone app).  In other words, I think it is SAYING that my modified code was downloaded, but I don't think it is running my code on the device.


      What gives?  I just want to make sure it really is my code that is running, so I can then go play with the LEDs and buzzer and things.


      Any ideas?