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    Feedback Requested on New Product Page Template




      We have been working on a new layout for our product pages. Before changing our template though, we want to make sure that the proposed site we’ve been working on developing will best meet your needs. This is a demo site with varying degrees of functionality (exact functionality for each tab is listed below). We are interested in all feedback from font sizes to content placement and selection.   






      Demo Site: www.cypress.com/community-feedback-new-productpage-template


      Google Feedback Form: https://goo.gl/forms/Agpa0kfkye1ycgcu2 






      As this is a demo site created to obtain feedback, not all of the tabs or items are functional at this time. Below I’ve briefly listed the functionality of each tab with expectations for the production site.




      Product Tree: (Expand by clicking on the three lines on the left.) Limited functionality. In production, you will be able to open families without selecting an item so you can view the sub-families and related products.


      Overview Tab: Fully functional.


      Getting Started Tab: Limited functionality. Not all links are properly working.


      Products Tab: No functionality. At the lowest level, the Products tab will open a new Product Selector Guide (PSG). This is a picture of the new PSG layout we are currently working to develop.


      Documentation Tab: Limited functionality. Filtering and searching are not functional. Most links are working but some may not be linked to the proper document. Show all Results is working on most categories.  


      Videos Tab: Limited functionality. Page links and video links are not working. On the production version, videos will enlarge and play on-screen.


      Tools & Software Tab: Limited functionality. Buy button is not functional. Titles of kits, software, etc. should be linked to their respective pages.


      Solutions Tab: No functionality. This tab is currently a picture of what we would like to add. Solution titles would link to their respective solutions pages. End Products would link to their respective solutions pages.


      Support & Training: Limited functionality. Icons are not linking properly.




      We appreciate all feedback on the page. 




      On behalf of the entire Cypress Web Marketing Team, I would like to thank you for taking the time to review our proposed Product Page,