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    cy8ckit-049 -42xx (The flash row is not valid for the selected array)

      I bought the kit cy8ckit-049 -42xx. Downloaded the files from the kit page. Watched the video and followed the instructions. Built and created the .cyacd file. using PSoC Creator version 3.1 (no errors on the unchanged project 'Bootloadable Blinking LED') (no errors on changing the timing as the video).


      \Flash_Example01\Bootloadable Blinking LED.cydsn\CortexM0\ARM_GCC_484\Debug\Bootloadable Blinking LED.cyacd


      Used the bootloader Host to download the .cyacd file into the target device on a fast blink (ie bootloader mode). I then get


      04:15:41 PM - Verify Started
      04:15:45 PM - The flash row is not valid for the selected array.
      Verify completed in 3554ms.


      and the target device enters program run mode but runs the default program and not the downloaded. Please can anyone finally deal with the error "The flash row is not valid for the selected array".


      From my viewpoint this intro device and software does not work. It came straight out of the box.





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