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    I can't see my broadcaster on the smartphone

      Hi to all,


      I am using a CY8CKIT-042-BLE kit to do my broadcaster device. I have based my firmware on the Cypress example "Dynamic Broadcaster" (example 9) and all is running fine if I check the BLE transmissions through the dongle and CySmart. The problem is that I have realized that I can't see my BLE device on any smartphone both with iOS, Android (4.2 and 5.1) or Windows Phone 8.1.


      As I thought the problem was on my code, I have tested directly the Cypress examples 8 ("Constant broadcaster") and 9 ("Dynamic Broadcaster") but the results are the same: I find the BLE device on CySmart but it doesn't happens if I search with an smartphone or even with a laptop with BLE.


      I have modified the advertising intervals to see if there are some improvement, but I didn't saw any upgrade.


      Could someone help me?


      If more information is needed, feel free to ask for it.


      In advance, thank you for your time.