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    Can I run any of the included profiles within the SDK on the WICED Sense EVB?


      Several people have sent personal notes to me asking if they can run any of the included profiles within the SDK on the WICED Sense EVB, so I thought I would post the answer here.


      Essentially, any of the included profiles within the SDK should compile and run on the WICED Sense EVB.


      For example, if you want to run the Heart Rat Monitor on WICED Sense, first start with the Quick Start Guide here:

      WICED Smart Quick Start Guide (SDK 2.1 and TAG3 Board)


      Note that this document references our full featured TAG3 development board in the discussion, so you will ignore those references.  What you want to pay attention to are the sections called:


      1. Verify Driver Installation
      2. Build and Load a Sample Application
      3. Application Test Example


      For item 1 to work properly, you will need to first install the Silicon Labs USB to Serial drivers onto your development platform where the WICED Smart SDK is running. The link to the drivers can be found here on the Index Page j.t created: WICED Sense Table of Contents


      Once the drivers are installed and you plug the WICED Sense board in using the provided Micro USB Cable, you should see something like this when you review the COM/LPT Port connections within your Windows Device Manager:


      At this point, you will now need to make sure the WICED Sense EVB is placed into programming mode (in Application Mode by default).  Follow the guidance in the thread here: Re: Hackathon - Embedded Tips and Tricks


      Note that some have gotten this to work by holding the wake button for 3 seconds, but I had to crack the kit open and hit reset to get the part into programming mode.


      Following step 3 above, you should now be able to open a BLE Explorer like LightBlue and see the app running on the WICED Sense EVB (below).


      I just performed all of this on a new WICED Sense Kit that was brand new and taken out of the box today.



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