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    CY7C1380KV33 access time, operating current and switching characteristics at various frequencies




      The data sheet of CY7C1380KV33 talks about important parameters like access time, maximum operating current, switching characteristics and etc., at 250/200/167 MHz. We are aware that speed grades possible with CY7C1380KV33 is of 250/200/167 MHz.


      We have selected the part CY7C1380KV33-250AXC which supports upto 250MHz of clock. Now we are planning to operate the SRAM in 180MHz or lower. Please let me know the details like access time, maximum operating current, switching characteristics and etc., at different frequencies other than the frequencies specified in the data sheet. We mainly interested in the frequency range between 100 - 250 MHz.


      Please help me out on this at the earliest.