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    Configure gpio for external interrupt issue- SN8000 evk



      I want to configure a gpio of SN8000 evk for external interrupt.I used the following code for this purpose (WICED SDK 2.4.1)


      static void gpio_irq_handler( void* arg )



          if(EXTI_GetITStatus(EXTI_Line3) != RESET)


              //Handle the interrupt





      void application_start( )


          wiced_init( );

          wiced_gpio_init(WICED_GPIO_4,INPUT_PULL_DOWN);   //WICED_GPIO_4 is A3

          gpio_irq_enable(GPIOA, 3, IRQ_TRIGGER_RISING_EDGE, gpio_irq_handler, 0);





      I connected a MSP430 board which simulates HIGH->LOW and LOW->HIGH transitions to the ST17 (A3 as per schematics of SN8000 evk) and I was able to the interrupt is getting triggered for both Rising and Falling edge even-though I have configured it for Rising edge only (checked by putting a break point inside the ISR).


      What might be causing this issue? How can I solve it?



      Hariprasad C R