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    CY8C24794 SiliconID wrong



      we just got 1K pcs CY8C24794 chip, and try to burn software by PSoC MiniProg.   Programmer Version is 3.21.0, the latest version. 


      But.  the programmer reported the message as below. 


                                   Detected SiliconID: "00 00 12 17" is not in database


      Next ,  we changed the file, CY8C24090.dat,  added new siliconID as below


         ,CY8C24794,        CY8C24794-24LTXI,   56,  16384,2, 00_1D_11_17, 00_1B_11_17, 00_1B_12_17, 00_1D_12_17, 00_00_12_17,v50


      then , the programmer can work.  


      my question is ,  why latest Programmer can' t support  the chipset we just got ?     maybe , our chipset is too old  or wrong?  




      Spark  from China.