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    Can I use a Keypad in PRT1DR with CY8C27443?

              Hello, I making a project where i need to use a keypad (4x4), for this I use a PSOC CY8C27443-24PXI with a CY3210-PSoCEval1. I configure the port in pull-up mode and the library worked perfectly. When i use the keypad in PRT1DR this work fine, but if i disconnect from alimentation and after i try to use again only works one arrow. Idetected that it only happen in this port becuase i do the same procedure in PRT0DR and it work without problem, i have been change the microcontroler,too, because i thought that it will be damaged, but it same the same with 3 diferent PSoC´s. I want know if is normal that it pass, and if there are mode of use in this port some body could same me please becuase in my proyect i need to use analog input too, and this are in the port0, and the port2 i use for the LCD.