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    fpga program file

       i want to store fpga program file .pdb for microsemi igloo in psoc and use it how can this be done?

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          What will the file's size be approximately?


          How are you going to transfer the file to the PSoC (what interface etc)


          What format is transferred to your fpga


          Do you really need a "file" or would the bit pattern that is transferred to the fpga be sufficent


          Why don't you use an EEProm to store the data.


          There is an emFile component that communicates with SD_cards, so you may store the file on that card and read and transfer data with the PSoC


          I am afraid that you should tell us a bit (or byte ) more about your complete system and what you want to perform





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            Normal programming done with bitstream per Igloo spec, SPI or JTAG,


            yes PSOC could support that. The update of FPGA file in PSOC could be


            done via GUI and bootloader or a proprietary interface over many optional


            communication modes.








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            Regards, Dana.